Drinking Water (RO) Filters

A Perfect Choice for Drinking Water

PureWaterHQ offers advanced reverse osmosis drinking water systems that are a natural and economical solution for providing your family with high quality drinking water. With a space-saving ultra slim profile, the systems tuck neatly under your kitchen sink providing bottled water quality right from your very own tap. With almost 2/3’s of us not drinking enough water each day, having delicious water conveniently on hand can help keep you properly hydrated and feeling great. Cut down on sugary beverages and avoid symptoms of mild dehydration such as headaches, dry skin and daytime fatigue. Perfect for coffee, tea, soups and all your cooking needs. Better Than Bottled Water Quality…Convenient & Affordable No lugging heavy bottles, no cooler rental, no monthly bill, no hassle. For a typical family of four our drinking water system produces water at a cost of approximately $0.23 per day. Compare that to delivered bottled water at over $1.25 per day*. Our systems offer a more advanced treatment process than typical entry level pour-through pitchers or faucet filters. At the heart of the system is a reverse osmosis membrane which removes impurities as small as an atom! In addition, your water passes through a series of sediment and carbon filters – eliminating any unwanted tastes and odors giving your water a polished, fresh taste! Get back to drinking water the way nature intended it! *Costs may vary by market and location. Based on recommended daily drinking allowance.

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