Fluoride Water Filters

Unlike all other water treatment processes, fluoridation does not treat the water itself, but the person consuming it.

Long-Term Health Effects

A growing body of evidence reasonČably indicates that fluoridated water, in addition to other sources of daily fluoride exposure, can cause or contribute to a range of serious effects, including arthritis, damage to the developing brain, reduced thyroid function, and possibly osteosarČcoma (bone cancer) in adolescent males.

The Solution

PureWaterHQ offers Fluoride Filters from the market leader in manufacturing of fluoride water filters. CRYSTAL QUEST« filters are made in America, manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the most effective, fluoride filters in the market. Our Fluoride Water Filters utilize high capacity synthetic adsorbent media that is highly selective for FLUORIDE, LEAD and ARSENIC. This high capacity synthetic adsorbent media's extremely high surface area and pore distribution gives this media the highest possible operating capacity and lowest possible leakage. It is a synthetic aluminum oxide that is specially processed to have a minimum of fines and other foreign matter, removes metals through a combination of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media, thus the removal is not dependent on ion exchange and has a uniform particle size similar to ion exchange resins. It has minimal shrinkage or swelling and low pressure loss. It is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range. Choose the model that fits your individual needs.

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